Cellular automata and phenomenological reconstruction by bounded reasoning

The aim of the project is to design and to analyse computational logic techniques in order to extend the scope of Formal Concept Analysis (FCA). Specifically, we will be focused on systems where to set up relationships among
local interactions components and overall system behaviour is needed (e.g. complex multi-agent systems, social
networks, complex networks, etc.). In depth, a project’s subgoal is to apply FCA techniques and tools (existing and
created ones) to analyse complex environments through:

  • The structure and usefullness of epistemologic layer associated to complex systems (networks) using FCA
  • Analysing associated knowledge basis and their relationship with concept network’s structure
  • Predictive reasoning about the associated complex network
  • Specify what emergency type can be detected by means of FCA, and what automated reasoning tools can be designed for facing that purpose.
  • Formalization/Verification of evidences (results, algorithms, etc…) using automated reasoning systems.
  • Formalization of transformation from complex system’s information into concept lattices.
  • Development of formally verified theories to support relationship among complex systems and FCA elements.
  • Logical/Algebraic processing of conceptualizations for specializing reasoning tasks: conservative retraction, algebraic codification and reasoning applied to extracted knowledge by FCA.

Finally, it is also intended to apply all scientific outcomes to interesting cases, such as Urban Informatics, Cultural
Complexity and other complex systems (betting systems, sports competitions, stock markets, etc…) where element’s
activity reflect a sort of reasoning capabilities beyond reactivity (e.g. bounded rationality).

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