Semandal: Extracting knowledge and data from city councils



One of the main goals of Semantic Web is to make all available
information machine-readable and understood by other machines.
For these, ontologies are key elements that will enable us to exploit all
the advantages. Ontologies try to model the world in order to represent
all web information. But, for general purposes, this is too broad and ambitious
goal for only a single ontology or platform. In order to easy the
creation of the ontology we reduce the scope only to news extracted from
city councils web pages.
In this paper, we present a project where information and data are collected
from webs and processed by means of Formal Concept Analysis
to align it to an ”ad-hoc” ontology.


Daniel Albendín Moya, Gonzalo A. Aranda Corral, Joaquín Borrego Díaz, Ángel Cantó Vicente. Semandal: Extracting knowledge and data from city councils, in  Proc. 7th European Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Mathematics, pp. 180-85 (2015).

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